[ Completed ] Service Disruption - Xithricite - Cloud Server

Date: 06th Oct 2016
Time: 12:50 PM SGT +0800


Service Disruption Update:

The mentioned VMs status are turned on. We are not verifying the VMs to ensure the OS has boot up properly.



Dear Valued Customers,


Date: 6th Oct 2016

Time: 12:01 PM SGT 


*** Only client's hosted on the server Xithricite will be affected *** 


Service Disruption Details:

Our Monitoring system found that all services on random Cloud servers are not responding. We have narrow down the situation and we found the issue happen only in one of our Hypervisors (Xithricite)


We will perform a details check on the server and post another updates once it become available. 


Service Disruption Effects:

During the service disruption period, all services inside the affected VM will not be available.



Best Regards,


Support Team

Technical Support Department