[COMPLETED] Service Disruption - Proton

Date : 3rd Nov 2016

Time : 10:45 AM SGT+0800

Service Disruption Update:

All web service has reinstated. We shall continue obeserve and monitor closely on server performance.


Dear Valued Customers,

Date : 3rd Nov 2016

Time : 10:25 AM SGT+0800


 *** Only client web & webmail service host under aforementioned server get affected.***

Affected Server :


Service Disruption Details:

Our monitoring system has detect web service (included webmail service) disruption on aforementioned server. Detail and comprehensive checking procedure has been initiated. Update shall be posted while service become available.


Service Disruption Effects:

During the service disruption period, web and webmail service will not available until further notice.



Best Regards,


Support Team


Technical Support Department