[COMPLETED]Service Disruption - Camel[]

Date : 18th Nov 2016  
Time : 03:30 PM SGT

Service Disruption Update:
The server mail services are properly responding and starting receive new emails without any delay.

Thank you for your patience!


Date : 18th Nov 2016 

Time : 11:45 AM SGT

Service Disruption Update:
This is due one of our customer that host on Camel Server has been sent large spam emails, therefore the email got stuck on the mail queue.

We believe the server now can receive email but you will realize that receiving still slow this is due to the server still delivering the earlier emails, the receiving issue would back to normal after all old email has successfully sent out.


Date : 18th Nov 2016 

Time : 10:50 AM SGT

Service Disruption Update:

We have identified the cause of this issue. We discovered that email are stuck in inbound service, however, you should be able to send an to external recipients.

We should come back to you as soon as there are any new developments!


Dear Valued Clients,


Date : 18th Nov 2016 

Time : 10:00 AM SGT

ETA : 1 hour

*** Only clients hosted on this Camel server will be affected ***


Service Disruption Details:

Our monitoring system has detected that the mail services on the server for this server has not been responding.

We will perform a details check on the server and post another updates once it become available.


Service Disruption Affects:

During the Service disruption period the mail services for this server will not be available.



Best Regards,

Support Team

Technical Support Department.