[COMPLETED] Scheduled maintenance - Coyote.hostcentral.net (Business email server)

Date : 15th Jan 2017  

Time : 03:10 AM SGT

Maintenance Update:

The maintenance completed. All services on the server are back online.

Thank you for your patience!


Maintenance Postponed :


Maintenance has been postponed and will continue from Saturday, Jan 14th 2200 hrs - Sunday, Jan 15th 0500 hrs SGT. Once maintenance has been carried out we will update within this announcement.


Maintenance Update :

There is delay maintenance that we ran last night. Estimate time to finish this maintenance is delay until 05:30PM.


Dear Valued Customers,


Date: 7th Jan 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 07:00 PM SGT - 01:00 AM SGT (after midnight)

Duration of downtime during maintenance: 30 minutes starting from 11:59 PM.


Only customer that host their email services in the server below will be effected :

hostname : coyote.hostcentral.net / mail2.bizmailcloud.com

IP address :


Maintenance Purpose Detail:

The purpose of the maintenance is to update the server's software. The update allows the server to perform more efficiently, and with more stability. 

Maintenance Impact:

During the maintenance, there will be a 30-minute time period where you will not be able to access your emails that are left at the server. Outside of this 30-minute period, you will be able to access your emails left at the server, but you will not be able to receive any new incoming emails. Throughout the entire maintenance, all new incoming emails will be held at a temporary email gateway server. After the maintenance, all emails held in the temporary email gateway server will be sent to the email server, and you will be able to receive those emails after that. Thus, all new incoming emails are preserved during the entire maintenance.


Best Regards,

Support Team


Technical Support Department