[COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance : Faulty disk replacement - proton.hostcentral.net []

Date: 13th April 2021
Time: 11:10 PM SGT 

Maintenance Update: 

Disk replacement action has been completed on the server. All services will now resume their operation without any noticeable services impact.


Dear Clients,

Date: 13th April 2021
Time: 10:00 PM SGT
ETA: 2 hour
Downtime: 2 hours

*** Only clients hosted on the server proton.hostcentral.net [] will be affected ***

Announcement Details :
One of the disk storage was found faulty, we will schedule to take down one of the server to perform disk replacement & will perform RAID rebuild.

Maintenance affects:

During maintenance period, All services under aforementioned server will not available during the maintenance period. 

If you have any concerns or questions about this maintenance exercise, kindly create a NEW case at https://support.signetique.com/en/support/home , this will allow us to assist you immediately.

Best Regards,

Enterprise Support Team


Technical Support Department