Reset Plesk password from your Customer Portal (Shared Hosting)

You can access your customer portal from

How to reset my password?

You can follow below steps to reset your plesk account password :

1.    Go to Customer Portal, then login with your email address and password.

2.    Once you login, it will bring you to "Client Area" menu. Click "My Services".

3.    Go to "My Products & Services", then click on the icon that show next to your selected product.

4.    Product Details will show the details information of your selected product. If you choose your hosting plan product (i.e. Linux Shared Hosting - Budget Host Linux 1GB), you will see an option to reset your Plesk control panel as well from it. Scroll down the page until you see "Login Details" section.

5.    Set the new password by fill in Enter New Password (there is gauge that help you to determine the password strengh). Fill in Confirm Password with the exact characters that you set in Enter New Password.

6.    You will see below message if your Plesk account password changed successfully.

Login to Plesk from Customer Portal

At the Product Details page, you can connect to your Plesk Control panel by click on Login to Plesk Control Panel button. The Login Details section will also show your Plesk Username and Password.

Please note, if you have updated your password from inside your Plesk Control Panel, the below method may not work because the Username and Password is no longer the same as the one that is displayed in your Customer Portal.