This article provide information about Customer Portal authentication process, how to reset your password via validation form. Also some information related to authorization process.

Access the Customer Portal

You can access your customer portal fromhttps://orders.signetique.com/orders/clientarea.php. Please see below picture for the details :

  • Email address : Unique email address that you registered with us as the main administrative contact.
  • Password : Your account password.

How to reset my password?

You can follow below steps to reset your password in case you lost it :

  1. Go to Customer Portal, then click "Request a Password Reset".

  2. Enter your email address that you use when you register with us. Your email address is unique because it used for your account authentication.

  3. If you see below notification, that mean the system has successfully sent an email to your email address. You will received an instruction with a provided URL to reset your password. Please check your Spam or Junk folder if you not see the mentioned email on your Inbox folder.

  4. Once you click or open provided URL in the email that sent to you. It will bring you to a form where you can set your new password.

  5. You will see below message if the password successfully changed.

What should I do if the registered email address is no longer valid and I have lost my password?

In case you no longer able to access the registered email or you want to update your email address, please contact our Billing department at +65 6225 1468 (ext. 2) or drop an email to billing@signetique.com for further information of change admin contact procedure.