Uploading Your Database

1.    Login into your Plesk Control Manager and Open the File Manager.

2.    Upload the database file (*.mdb) file from your local computer

3.    After uploading the file, click on the file icon and "Change Permissions".

This will let you discover the path of the database file.
Make a note of it.

4.    Do not make any changes and click "Cancel".

Setting up a database connection

1.    Click on "Websites & Domains" to go to your control panel, followed by "ODBC Data Sources".

2.    Click on the "Add ODBC DSN" button.

3.    Enter the "Connection name", "Connection Description" (optional) and select "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)" for "Driver"
The connecting name must contain only letters and numbers, no spaces or symbols are allowed.
Click "OK" to continue.

4.    Enter the database path which you had saved earlier in the "Database file path" e.g. "D\vhosts\domain.com\httpdocs\database.mdb"
If your Access database is password protected, enter the "Login ID" and "Password".
The other fields can be left as it is at their default values. We do not recommend changing anything if you do not know what the setting does.

5.    Test the database connection by clicking on the "Test Connection" button. If the connection is successful, you will see the message "Connection Successful"
Otherwise, recheck the database path, login ID and password you have entered.

Finally click "Finish" to save all your settings.