Applies to :

  • Plesk 8.x Windows
  • Plesk 8.x Linux


To perform this task, you need to have :

  • Plesk URL.
  • Plesk username and password.


Most Internet Service Providers are now blocking outgoing connection to port 25 on their network in an attempt to help prevent direct to MX spamming, and abuse of open proxies and relays from their dialup and broadband customers. Thus, you will not able to use the standard outgoing port (25) while you are using their network.

The mail provider has to implement a workaround to help users to configure their email client in order to utilize your SMTP server. The solution by enabling a submission port (587) on your server.


1.    Open plesk panel and login as "admin" user.

2.    Go to Server > Mail.

3.    Under General options, check the option for Enable message submission.

4.    Click OK and then restart the mail service to make the submission port enabled. You can do it by go one level up to Server and then Service Management, findSMTP Server (QMail).

5.    Then click the orange button like below picture to restart the service :