Applies to :

  • Plesk 10.x/11.x Windows
  • Plesk 10.x/11.x Linux


To perform this task, you need to have :

  • Plesk URL.
  • Plesk username and password.


1.    Open Plesk panel and login using provided username and password (Plesk Client privileges).

2.    Make sure you are in the subscription page of the domain that you want to preview. Go to Website & Domain tab.

3.    Scroll down until you see the domain that you want to preview. Then click the small preview icon in the same row with your domain (see the red-square mark)

You will see the preview of your website in a new pop-up window. Please that in some cases, (when the website need PHP support or other scripting) the site preview function not showing the page 100% correctly.