This article will show you how to change your password. To do so, you must first be able to login to your own account and remember your current password. If you do not have your current email password, you must ask your admin to login as the postmaster account to reset the password. Alternatively, if you have enabled Password Recovery for your email account, you may use that utility to reset your password.

  1. Login to

    Enter your Username (which is your full email address) and Password (password is case sensitive!) for access. Click "Login" to proceed.

  2. After successfully logging in, you will be presented with your main dashboard view. Click on the "Options" tab to go to the Options dashboard view. On the left navigation panel, click on "Login" to expand the view if it is not already expanded. Finally click on "Login".

  3. To change your password, you must provide the following information:

    - Current Password - this is your current (old) email password.
    - New Password - this is your new password

    The password must be at least 8 characters long, have mixed case, have at least one letter, have at least one symbol.
    e.g. Abcdef1#

    You can also use this tool to help you create a strong password.

    - Confirm New Password - Retype your new password here to confirm you have entered your password correctly.

    Click "Save" to confirm and change your password.

    Changing Passwords