This article will show you how to enable password recovery for your email account. This is useful if you forget your email password and wish regain access to your account. 

  1. Login to

    Enter your Username (which is your full email address) and Password (password is case sensitive!) for access. Click "Login" to proceed.

  2. After successfully logging in, you will be presented with your main dashboard view. Click on the "Options" tab to go to the Options dashboard view. On the left navigation panel, click on "General" to expand the view if it is not already expanded. Finally click on "Password Recovery".

    Password Recovery
  3. To enable Password Recovery, check "Enable Password Recovery". You will need to provide a set of two secret questions and their corresponding answers for this feature to work. e.g.

    Secret Question 1: What is your mother's maiden name?
    Secret Answer 1: Mary

    Important Note: Make sure your secret answers are not easily guessable or known by others as this provides hackers an easy way to hijack your account!

  4. Next, specify how you want your new email password to be revealed

    - Display new password on screen
    - Send new password to alternate email address

    Note: the system is not able to retrieve your email password and can only reset to a new one!