Limits on Sending Messages

At Signetique, it is our priority to provide the best possible email experience for our users. In order to achieve that, we need to put in place various safeguards:

  • The total number of messages that you can send every hour is 100 messages.
  • The number of recipients to whom you can send from unique "From" addresses each hour is 100 recipients.
  • The maximum number of recipients per message is 100 recipients.
  • The maximum message size of outgoing email via shared SMTP servers is 20MB.
  • The maximum message size of incoming email via shared MX servers is 25MB.
  • The maximum attachment size of outgoing email that you can send from webmail is 8 MB.
  • The maximum failed authentication tries from unique IP address every 10 minutes is 10.
  • The maximum number of relay message from unique IP address every 10 minutes is 100 messages.

(*)whichever exceeds the limit first.

When message sending limits are exceeded, you may see the following alert messages :

<>: Ratelimit exceeded

If you continue to exceed message sending limits, try the following methods to resolve the issue:

  • Check your Email Outbox to see if it contains a backlog of messages. Resend or delete messages here that may be automatically trying to send multiple times.
  • Check if you are running any software on your machine that is using your email account to automatically send messages.
  • Scan your PC with antivirus to see if there is any malware infection.
  • If you are sending an email to more than one destination, please ensure that all destination email addresses are valid.

Other important information :

  • Email accounts that have been edited (add or edit) will take up to 2 hours to be ready for use.
  • The SMTP (Outgoing) server has spam detection software that will drop emails with spam content.