All administrative request such are modify, add, or kind of actions that result in changes of files, database or structures must need Primary Email (PE) approval first. This is a must and it is a Signetique standard policy to assure every request has been secured and verified from PE.

However, there are some cases that particular PE email can't be reach, and made the process suspend for a while. In this case, you would need to add additional PE to proceed as planned. You need to login to our customer client area to add this additional PE.

Login to Client Area

First, login to Signetique client area and enter your username (email) and password. Choose Client Login on top right.

Email address filled with your email address. And password filled with your account password with us. NOT your email account password.

Add Sub Accounts

After then a welcome message will be displayed within your Dashboard. Go to top right side, especially under section Hello user v, and choose Contact / Sub-Accounts.

On Choose Contact section, choose Add New Contact. Fill necessary field as your new primary email contact.

Also you can tick Tick to configure as a sub-account with client area access as well on the same page creation. Choose which email preferences that suitable for sub primary email contact. After everything is set, then Save Changes.

Now every administrative request can be requested as well from newly added Sub Account(s).