Compose SMS

       1. Select your customers/prospects’ phone numbers under “Phone Book”.

       2. Rename your campaign under “Campaign Name” for your reference. 

       3. Fill out the messages that you’d like to send out in the “Message” column. 

       4. You are ready to send it now or later! 

SMS History

       1.  You can view your ‘SMS History’ under the ‘SMS’ menu.

       2.  The SMS history shows the message(s) you have sent and also the status.
            (Success = SMS sent to network operator, Fail = SMS failed to send to network operator)

       3.  You can also export the lists out to Excel/CSV files to view them offline. 



       1. To view your DLR report, go ‘SMS DLR’ under SMS menu. 

       2. You are able to know whether your target customer(s) received the SMS or not  by checking the    status.

       3. You may also export the lists out to Excel files to view them offline.

SMS Reply History

       1. Under SMS menu, choose ‘SMS Reply History’ to view it. 

       2. Here you are able to see the reply from your customers to the messages you sent.

       3. To have this feature, tick ‘Add Reply URL to Message’ on the ‘Compose SMS’ Page. 

SMS Template

       1. Under SMS menu, click ‘SMS Template’ to add SMS template.

       2. On the Name section, name your template.

       3. Choose the message type, either Normal (English, B.Melayu, etc) or Unicode (Chinese, Japanese, etc)

       4. Key in your message in the Message section.

       5. Press ‘Add’ to add the new template. 

Task Scheduler

       1. Enter your destination number to send. Separate each mobile number using a semicolon. 

            For example, 60195002166;60164502380

       2. Compose your message under Message Body.

       3. Click ‘Send Now’ to send SMS or click ‘Send Later’ for Task Scheduler.



1. To blast SMS to more than 500 contacts, it is advisable to use CSV Compose to avoid browser timeout when blasting the SMS. Sample of CSV is as shown below.

2. By using CSV Compose, the SMS will still be sent even though there has been a browser timeout.

3. To blast SMS to more than 50K contacts, it is advisable to break the CSV into 20K contacts per file. After sending the first batch, wait a few minutes and close the browser. Next, log in again to send the next batch before repeating the whole process.

4. Browser timeout may occur when sending the SMS depending on the browser and network. Thus for more than 500 contacts, it is advisable to use CSV Compose.

5. For support or further assistance, please contact us.