The primary account is the master account owner, and any users you create under your billing account account are Contact/Sub-Accounts. It allow you to create sub-users under your main accounts, which then allow that contact to log in and perform various actions that the main account holder has permitted.

How to add a Contact/Sub-Accounts?

(1) Log into your Exabytes billing account at HERE (*You must be the primary account holder)
(2) Go to "Hi USER" at your right upper side and clicked in. You will see a drop-down menu and you may select the "Contact/Sub-Accounts" as the attachment shown below.

(3) You may proceed to "Add New Contact" accordingly. It is important to note that multiple contacts can have the same email address when for email notifications.

(4) If you wish to enable the "Activate Sub-Account",  may take note that the email address must be unique since it is part of the user's login. You may refer to the attachment as below.

(5) You may refer to the below for a better explanation on the Permissions:

  • Change Password — All sub-accounts can access this page. It allows them to change their own login passwords.
  • View & Manage Contacts — This allows access to view and edit all contact users belonging to the master account.
  • Manage Domain Settings — This allows sub-accounts to view and change, for example, nameservers, locking status, or WHOIS information.
  • View & Pay Invoices — This allows sub-accounts to view and pay invoices and to access the following sections of the Client Area: My Invoices, Add Funds and Pay Methods.
  • Allow Single Signon — This allows the client to log in to a hosting account's control panel via Single Sign On (for example, logging in to cPanel).

(6) If you need any further assistance, kindly email to for further assistance.