Announcement - SPF Checking Implementation under Signetique Shared Servers

As part of our continuous effort to fighting spam and spoofed emails, we are informed you that we have enabled SPF checks in our inbound mail servers. Please read on to find out how the implementation of SPF checking will impact your emails. 


Why SPF implementation important?


The main benefit of SPF is to the owners of e-mail addresses that are forged in the Return-Path. They receive large amounts of unsolicited error messages and other auto-replies. If such receivers use SPF to specify their legitimate source IP addresses and indicate FAIL result for all other addresses, receivers checking SPF can reject forgeries, thus reducing or eliminating the amount of backscatter.


SPF has potential advantages beyond helping identify unwanted mail. In particular, if a sender provides SPF information, then receivers can use SPF PASS results in combination with a white list to identify known reliable senders. Scenarios like compromised systems and shared sending mailers limit this use.


How will this impact the way I work?


You will noticed that only the legitimate source of email that able to pass the SPF checking which mean less spam on your inbox.


This mean, you need to ensure that you have added all the outbound email server to the domain's SPF record to avoid the email rejected by our server.


You can refer to below URL for better understanding how to configure SPF records for your domain :


If you are using our DNS hosting, by default we have configured the SPF records for you. However, you have to inform us if you use your ISP's SMTP server as the Outgoing SMTP server in your email client software.


Thank you for your attention and feel free to contact us if you need further clarifications.



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