[COMPLETED] Service Disruption - Bizmail Cloud sm01.hostcentral.net

Time: 05:30 

The files are synced. The server already up and function normally.

We thank you for the understanding.


Time: 04:50 AM

We managed to bring the server back online. Currently syncing the files.

ETA : 30 MIN


Time: 03:20 AM SGT

The server is unable to boot due to Windows boot failure.

We are attempting to restore from recent backup.

ETA : 100 Min


Date: 4th June 2018

Time: 01.10 AM SGT

ETA : - 

* Only clients hosted on this sm01.hostcentral server will be affected *

Service Disruption Details:

We discovered that one of windows file has corrupted, so at that time the windows was not responding.

We will perform a details check on the server and post another updates once it become available.

Service Disruption Affects:

Your Email can't be accessed

Best Regards,

Support Team