[COMPLETED] Urgent Maintenance - S-VPS HyperV 8 - Baboon

Date: 28 April 2018

Time: 01:30 AM SGT

Service Disruption Update:

Reboot action has been completed successfully all VMs are up and will now resume their operation without any noticeable service impact. 


Dear Valued Customers,

Date: 28 April 2018

Time: 01:00 AM SGT

ETA: 15 Minutes

All VMs that hosted on server below will be effected :

Hostname : S-VPS HyperV 8 - Baboon

Service Disruption Details:

Our  monitoring system detected the Host of the VMs not working as per  normal. We will perform an urgent maintenance by rebooting the server.  All VMs will be accessible again once the reboot done.

Service Disruption Effects:

During the server rebooting, all VMs inside the server will not be accessible.

Best Regards,

Support Team


Technical Support Department